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Reviews & Testimonials

Priscilla Tan (seller)

Esmond is confident and assuring in helping us to sell our very first home. As a first-time seller, Esmond was very well-prepared and he was able to provide all answers to our questions and understand our concerns. He clarified all of our questions with his self-prepared timeline with the various steps and processes to kick-start the selling journey which we found was so helpful and easy to understand. He is also always on time for all of our appointments and was ready to answer our questions anytime. He was also very understanding of our expectations and and patient with the viewers, we love to work with him!

Irene (landlord)

Esmond is very prompt and responsive to our queries and demonstrated good knowledge in handling the transaction. He has been extremely patient and gave us sound advice throughout the entire process. He made sure he keeps us updated on the progress on the Tenant side every step of the way. He prioritises and protects our interests and never rushed us for sake of closing the deal. I will definitely recommend Esmond to family and friends for their real estate needs.

Marcus Chan (seller)

Esmond was knowledgeable and efficient in selling our place. Our place was sold within 2 days catered for viewing and managed to sell at a higher than expected price. Esmond was recommended by a friend and we were glad that we only had to engage him instead of engaging multiple agent to sell our place. He is always responsive and knowledgeable to advise us. More importantly, he is able to manage the timeline of both selling and buying our new place to ensure no ABSD would be incurred and financial timeline for both transaction was in sync. For our new place, he was able to help negotiate for a better price and also provided contacts (bank loan/law firm) when we asked, to help facilitate the whole process smoothly. Would definitely recommend Esmond to anyone who wants to sell or buy a new place!


Alex Chua (buyer)

Esmond ensures high customer satisfaction by going above and beyond. Transparent and also looked after your interest. Hard to come by good guy like him tbh! Efficient and able to work at the speed I like.

Karen Lee (buyer)

I am really fortunate and lucky to find Esmond to be my agent, as he will put his best effort to assist and guide me throughout the whole processing of the purchase of my Resale flat. His patience and smiles and professionalism with his work, really make us feel very comfortable to work with.

If I have relatives or friends who are going to sell or buy a flat, will definitely recommend Esmond to them.

Thank you!

Awards & Recognition

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April 2020 - Top 65th Individual Produce
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